CVO Recruitment is a company within amazing communication skills and provides very friendly services. As a person whose working and living abroad, CVO Recruitment provided me the great experiences with arranging every process very easy for me and making all the steps very informative. I’ve been so glad and motivated to work with CVO Recruitment team members and been so happy to be represented by them.

Göktuğ Babataş
Janssen, Nordic Webmaster

CVO Recruitment has been very supportive during the recruitment process as well as during my employment period. I have been informed during every step of the process and encouraged to go futher at each stage. It has equally considered my requests and my employer’s expectation. I felt listened and well guided. The communication is smooth and all personnel is very professional and helpful in every aspect. Thanks to CVO Recruitment, I got my first job experience in one of the best ranking companies in Estonia (Skype). It is a pleasure to work with them and I truly thank everyone for this.

Jenny-Vanh Delcroix Saycocie
Skype, Privacy Analyst

CVO Recruitment is a very professional company and the first offer I received from them has brought to my life changing a company and getting the role of R&D engineer. Frankly, I was looking at this kind of position for several years in Estonia but couldn't succeed in competitions. CVO Recruitment reached me on Linkedin someday and our conversation was smooth, sufficient and so fast that I signed a contract with my new company in a week and a half.

Nick Yegorov
Skeleton Technologies, Hardware Design Engineer

As an international, the hurdles for joining the Estonian work market were highly challenging. CVO Recruitment has been instrumental in helping me achieve that. Their team is resourceful, professional and very cultured. The process has been well structured and transparent from introduction to hiring. CVO Recruitment paid close attention to my background as well as to my professional preferences, was able to offer adequate advice and create a suitable match to both myself and to my employer. I appreciated being informed with the progress at every stage before hiring. CVO Recruitment was also keen to follow up after hiring with both myself and my employer making sure all expectations were met. Truly best of class service.

Abdelrahman Bayrekdar
Konecranes Financial Shared Service Center, Head of Financial Service Center