As CVO Recruitment operates in a human relations based business sector, and consult our clients daily on the topics of labour market and employee relations, we always try to keep our eye on the long-term trends in employment field. Employees’ expectations for flexibility, remote working opportunities, and work-life balance to increase overall satisfaction and worklife happiness, are probably not a surprise to the employers any more on the modern labour market. We at CVO Recruitment have always been eager to...
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Liis has come across different cultures and expanded her horizons while working and studying in the US. When the primary interest in psychology emerged during her studies in the US, she further became interested in human resource field during her studies in psychology at the University of Tallinn. Liis has worked in different fields, varying from tourism to IT, but her first recruitment experience is from retail instead. So far, working as a recruiter, it has only further increased her...
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CVO Recruitment's Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian teams gathered in Riga for an annual 2-day conference. The time was filled with a communication training, fun team-buildings, and discovering charming Riga. We returned to Estonia with lots of new knowledge and inspiration.

Among a large-scale digitalization strategy, Posti Group expanded their IT competence to Tallinn. CVO helped Posti in the establishment of a new IT competence centre by recruiting area managers and more than 20 top specialists in the fields of software engineering, infrastructure, systems engineering, business intelligence, cyber security, and networks. Posti is an international logistics- and parcel services company operating in 11 countries in Europe and North America. Headquartered in Helsinki, Posti is among the largest employers in Finland.

International recruitment conference series Sourcing Summit educated us with new knowledge and latest trends in recruitment industry during a 2-day summit in London. The topics varied from technical search techniques, candidate experience development, and the psychology of negotiation to artificial intelligence and big data usage in recruitment.