IT Development Team

IT Development Team

Project in numbers
10 hires
Tallinn, Estonia


Our goal was to hire IT talents, who could work from Estonia to support the North American engineering team.



As VerticalScope required specific technical talent, we shared information with them about local talent availability, labour legislation, and salary levels. As the company had no previous operations in Estonia, they wanted to see if they could initially find remote employees who could complement the technical team in North America.

We began the relationship in the middle of 2018 and as we were able to discover talent, the company further increased their recruitment activities in Estonia.

New employees for VerticalScope were initially hired through our personnel leasing and staffing department, Simplika, meaning we administered all the employment details and documentation according to local labour legislation and performed the monthly payroll. After VerticalScope incorporated a local entity, Simplika consultant supported the client in transferring the employees directly to the newly formed company in Estonia.

The recruitment entailed mostly technical roles like Senior Developers, DevOps Engineers, Engineering Lead and Data Analysts.



During the first year of the partnership, 10 employees were hired for different engineering positions.

About the Company

VerticalScope Inc is a Canadian-based, fast-growing integrated multi-platform media company and a leading community platform across different verticals. Today, the company has an established entity in Estonia.

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