Recruitment and headhunting
is our main service,
but not the only one

Labour Market Consultation and Training

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Labour market consultation is aimed at organisations operating in the Estonian market as well as those who still want to enter the Estonian market. For organisations already operating here, we prepare analyses and action plans to improve recruitment processes and communication, as well as salary and motivation packages, in order to increase their ability to attract talent. We provide market entrants with an overview of talent availability, salaries, labor taxes and the Employment Contracts Act, so that recruitment decisions are based on relevant knowledge and data. In addition, we train organisations from labour market trends to practical recruitment advice.

Recruitment and Headhunting

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Recruitment and headhunting begins with an analysis of the organisation and the vacancy, after which we draw up an action plan to achieve the desired results. Our process focuses first and foremost on active search and contact, ie we search for people through all kinds of channels and then contact them in person. Such activities can also reach people who are not actively looking for a new job, but could still be interested in new challenges. Our in-depth evaluation process includes interviews, tests and background research. In the case of recruitment and targeted search, it is also possible to order individual activities (eg only talent mapping or contacting or assessment) and, if necessary, we conduct searches globally.


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The purpose of onboarding is to ensure that the new employee quickly adapts to the organisation and position – it increases the new employee’s self-confidence, independence, commitment and productivity. Onboarding begins with an analysis of the organisation and the position, which results in a onboarding program for a specific employee. This program is an action plan that provides in-depth training for a new employee in areas such as the organization’s background and future plans, job expectations and goals, human relations and work culture, and administrative arrangements. During the onboarding, we support both the employer and the new employee to ensure a positive and effective start to the new employment relationship.

Personnel Leasing and Staffing

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Simplika, our personnel leasing and staffing unit, provides personnel leasing and staffing services for organisations who cannot or in some cases decide not to hire their employees directly. We prepare, sign and manage employment contracts and related documents, perform monthly payroll calculations and deal with other related responsibilities, thus reducing the administrative burden on organisations and allowing them to focus on their main business. Simplika’s services could also be considered by start-ups that do not yet have the legal capacity and/or administrative capacity to manage human resources and payroll.


Job Search Academy

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The Job Search Academy focuses on preparing, advising and supporting jobseekers to make the job search process successful and productive. We offer a variety of solutions from webinars to personal consultation and cover topics such as the labor market overview, self-analysis, CV and LinkedIn profiling, application planning and job interview preparation. In doing so, we prepare practical tips and recommendations to follow when looking for and applying for a job. Additional information about the Job Search Academy can be obtained by reading here or writing to us about your interest at .


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Outplacement is ordered by organisations who want to offer their leaving employee professional help and support in finding a new job. In agreement with the organiation, we develop an action plan for leaving counseling, but most of the time it includes an overview of the labor market, self-analysis with personality tests, compiling a CV and LinkedIn profile, planning application activities and preparing for a job interview. If necessary, we support the leaving employee until he or she has found a new job. We offer outplacement individually, but also in groups in a situation where it is a matter of closing an entire unit or company.