Area9 Lyceum:
Learning Engineers

Area9 Lyceum:
Learning Engineers

Project in numbers
20+ hires
Estonia or global (home office)


Our goal was to help the client in market-entry process and form the local team of Learning Engineers within first 3 months who would be employed through Simplika using the Personnel Leasing service.



Before the decision to expand to Estonia was made, we offered Labour Market Consultation to Area9 Lyceum management, sharing information about talent availability, recommended locations, labour legislation, and salary levels.

We initiated recruitment activities in May 2019 and ran a public job advertisement campaign as well as executed a targeted headhunting process. We were able to find suitable people soon and hired the first employees already in June. As some candidates did not have a residence permit in order to work in Estonia, we supported the candidates through the application process with the Estonian Migration Board.

After the first successful phase of entering the new market, we initiated a new round of recruitment, and are now aiming for long-term cooperation to cover the needs for new talents on a monthly basis. Due to the fact that the work of Learning Engineers is remote, we also executed recruitment activities borderless to reach global talent.

New employees for Area9 were hired through Simplika Personnel Leasing service, which means that we administer all the employment details and documentation according to local labour legislation and carry out the monthly payroll.



During the first recruitment round, we were able to reach the initial target – 4 employees started to work 3 months after initiating the recruitment activities. In autumn we continued the recruitment and the planned team was recruited.

About the Company

Area9 is a group of companies that have grown out of 20 years of research in human behaviour, learning, product development, content development and computer science. Area9 Lyceum develops personalized adaptive learning through the world’s first four-dimensional learning platform, Area9 Rhapsode™.

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