Fujitsu Estonia:
from IT to sales

Fujitsu Estonia:
from IT to sales

Project in numbers
3 hires
Tallinn, Estonia


Our goal was to hire talents, mainly for the software development unit.



As Fujitsu had not used a long-term recruitment partner before and needed specific technical talent, we shared information with them about talent availability, talent’s expectations for the employers in the highly competitive labour market, and salary levels.

When executing the recruitment projects, we instructed hiring managers about the best possible ways to recruit to attract candidates and ensure that the candidate accepts the job offer in the final phase, to put an effort on higher offer acceptance rate. Through close communication with the HR department and hiring managers, we shared ideas on how to present Fujitsu as an employer and give a fair picture of different career opportunities that result in better recruitment outcomes.

We started the partnership in the middle of 2019 and were able to find talent for technical roles such as IT Analysts and Developers. We have an ongoing partnership to fill positions, from IT specialists and Developers, to Area and Sales Managers.



Since the beginning of the partnership, we have been able to find technical specialists for 3 positions and continue our cooperation to fill more positions for different business areas. Besides headhunting and recruitment, we have consulted the client on how to improve the recruitment process and candidate closing, as well as have shared our expert knowledge on how to become an attractive employer for specific technical talent in the long term.

About the Company

Fujitsu is a global information and communication technology (ICT) company, offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Fujitsu has operated in the Estonian market since 1991.

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