Important changes within CVO team


At the end of the previous year, our Baltic operations were acquired by Gi Group Holding. As a result, there have been several important changes within our Estonian team. Firstly, on March 29th, we welcomed Allan Eigi, who took on the role of leading and developing the Simplika business. With global trends increasingly favoring flexible forms of work, this was a strategic step for the group to expand the staffing and personnel leasing business in Estonia.

Secondly, due to the agreements relating to the sale of CVO and Simplika, the employment relationship with our former owner, Triin Raamat, concluded on June 30th.

Important changes within CVO team 1

Despite the short time with the company, starting from July 1st, Allan took on the leadership of not only Simplika but also the CVO business. With over seven years of experience in both the public and private sectors, Allan has held various leadership positions, including roles as a Sales Manager, Project Manager, and Marketing Manager. Over the past three years, he has been actively engaged in the HR field, steering sales processes associated with both local and international clients.

Allan has the full support of the entire team at the local and group levels, and we are confident that the addition of new leadership will bring significantly more opportunities and create additional value for our company.