The third season of CVO Recruitment trainings at Software Development Academy has successfully finished


Since early 2019, our Recruitment Partners Heleen Anderson and Piret Talviste have been giving lectures at Software Development Academy, which aims to train junior programmers and enrich the labour market with new technical specialists.

Through our training, the participants gain a better understanding of the IT labour market, understand different career opportunities in the IT sector, and gain practical tips on creating a modern CV and LinkedIn profile.



Many of the participants in the courses don’t have previous experience in the IT sector and coming from a different industry, they’re aiming to make a complete turnaround in their career. Our recommendation is to gain valuable experience in the new sector through web-based courses, freelance projects and hackathons. In addition, as newcomers in the industry, clear communication about the motivation to switch to IT is important in the job application process. That helps the employers understand the applicant’s reasons for interest and sets them in a more positive light.

During our training, we also highlight the main mistakes when compiling a CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter, and share practical advice on how to bring out your potential on the paper.



In addition to the seminars at Software Development Academy, we also train hiring managers on recruitment and labour market topics, and share our expertise at different conferences and universities.

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