10 aspects in management that show a growing trend in 2020


Based on the latest labour market news and sources, as well as our own daily experience, we’ve gathered 10 management trends, which could guide a modern organization in 2020.

1. Openness

Organisations are moving from rigid hierarchical organisations to more open and transparent organisations.

2. Meaningfulness

The new generation of employees want to be fulfilled by making a meaningful impact with their work, and want to work for companies that are making a positive difference in the world.

3. Personalisation

The collective approach is changing to a personalized approach. Personalisation also becomes important in the design of bonus systems.

4. Employee engagement

Engaged employees will work harder, are less eager to leave the company, and are motivated by the impact they make on others.

5. Reskilling

To cope with the rapid changes in the world of work caused by technology, it will be necessary to update employees’ skills.

6. Flexible and remote work

Flexibility has become a norm and involves rethinking how work is done and by whom. Whereas remote work will be even more remote.

7. Gig economy

Traditional work and full-time employment are shifting towards freelancing, working part-time and independent contracting — often known as the gig economy.

8. Diversity

Diversity will influence organizations in several ways, but the most in sense of foreign talents. More and more of them will find their way to Estonia.

9. English

It becomes an even more dominant working language in Estonia.

10. Salary

No surprise, it will also show a growing trend in 2020.


May your 2020 be filled with new success-stories!