Creating future possibilities through current challenges


This year we are celebrating our company’s 20th anniversary. This means the current crisis is not the first one for us. As before, we continue adapting to the situation and adjusting our actions in order to bring world-class recruitment and HR consultation services to our clients.

Today we are all facing the challenges of working remotely and communicating virtually. Our team at CVO Recruitment has practiced home office and working abroad over past 3 years. During this time, we also had our most successful year, which has confirmed that hiring and HR consultation can be successfully done without a traditional office presence. However, we are fully aware that for many companies these new challenges may require to redefine their organizational strategy and act flexibly to the current situation.

No organization functions without people. We believe that recruitment is still important in order to be successful in the long run and we are happy to recognize that many organizations have acknowledged it and continue with the hiring projects as scheduled. Today is also the right time to begin with new recruitment projects if you need a new employee for summer or autumn. As soon as the situation has stabilized, you will have the person ready to start with the tasks in full speed. Our hiring and HR services have been fully adapted to accompany you through the whole recruitment process.

Hire today to be ready tomorrow

Recruitment and headhunting are our main activities which creates value also during difficult periods. The current turbulent in the market are making candidates more cautious and hesitating to apply to the new job positions, but we are here to encourage them. We are here to accompany and provide guidance for both, the candidate and the organization, in every step of the hiring process. We are constantly brainstorming for new hiring techniques and applying latest technology tools to adjust our processes according the client’s needs and situation in the market.

From time to time we have conversations with talented candidates who are open to new work challenges. We are happy to present them to few targeted companies to evaluate if there could be a match. This service of candidate marketing allows the company to rapidly find great talent to their team, without the need of launching a full recruitment process. However, the suitable candidates might not be available at all times.

If your organization needs another type of hiring solution, feel free to get in contact with us and we are happy to develop a custom-made solution for your needs.

Virtual employee onboarding program

Today there is a new challenge of onboarding an employee who will be working remotely. We have developed a comprehensive virtual onboarding program to help the company establish the techniques and digital tools to allow effective remote work and to ensure that the employee is settling in smoothly. If remote work is new for the company, it may take a bit longer to ensure the fluency of the process, but we are here to accompany you until everything has been set up successfully.

Outplacement program

If due to the current situation you are obliged to lay off some employees, we are here to help them with the process of finding a new job. During the outplacement program we are accompanying the employee to be better prepared when applying for a new job and help them create their Linkedin profile and CV. In case of need, we support the employee during the whole job search process. The outplacement service can be proposed by the company to a single employee or to the whole department due to its closing. Also, this service can be ordered directly by the employee.

A challenge or an opportunity?

We feel that the current situation can bring many positive opportunities. We believe that flexibility and fast-acting are the mindsets that will lead to successful results in the future. By acting today, we are preparing for the future in order to go even further and higher.

We are here to help you do this.


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