Job Search Academy increases your chances to get the job you want


Employment and labor market are currently going through a big change. If in the end of 2019 the unemployment rate was 5,3%, then in April 2020 it was already over 7%. In the coming weeks and months, the unemployment rate will likely continue increasing and the market will undergo a shift from being saturated with the job offers to being overwhelmed by the jobseekers. This, in return, will make finding a new job position and managing the tight competition between candidates even more challenging.

Self-analysis and market exploration

Before getting into any real actions, it’s necessary to take time for some analysis. In other words, you should find answers to two important questions: (1) what can I offer to the possible future employer? and (2) are my expectations and wishes to the new job position matching with the current possibilities in the market? It may happen, taking in account the new situation, that your career plans need to be altered in some direction. Jobseekers who start from the position where they understand their value, have adequate expectations, and create their action plan accordingly, have higher possibilities to find the job position they want.

In the right place at the right time

Once you have completed the self-analysis and market exploration, it’s time to find a way to reach the targeted employers. At the minimum, you should write an informative CV about yourself and submit it to public job portals. To increase your chances, create also a LinkedIn profile as the employers are using it more and more in their hiring activities. However, just having a CV or Linkedin profile available publicly, does not make you stand out from the crowd. Make an extra effort and build up your profile with right keywords and skillset that help you be found in the hiring search engines that the employers are using to find candidates.

Modesty is a virtue, or is it?

Over the past years, the employers have tried their best to attract attention, differentiate, and be inviting to the jobseekers. Now, the time has come for the jobseekers to do the same. The professional and well-elaborated CV and LinkedIn can help you get the foot in the door, but the next step, job interview, is equally important. During the interview, you should be able to “sell” your knowledge, skills, and work experience confidently and honestly. It is important to follow the carefully prepared action plan all the way until closing the job position. Especially, as more jobseekers are coming to the market every day and the competition is getting tougher.

Job Search Academy increases your chances to get the job you want 1

Job Search Academy helps jobseekers prepare for their job search and provides support during the search process

CVO Recruitment is one of the leading Estonian consulting firms specialized in recruitment and headhunting. We created the Job Search Academy in order to share our expert knowledge with the jobseekers and support them in the process of preparing for the job search. Depending on the needs of the jobseeker, we provide different solutions from webinars to individual evaluations and consultations. If you are interested in attending the Job Search Academy, contact us: .


I participated at the job search consultation at CVO Recruitment in December 2019. Before our first meeting, CVO career coach had thoroughly studied my CV and gave me great advice how to improve it. Furthermore, I received many tips and a lot of motivation for next steps. The session was very helpful and inspirational, and I am happy with the consultation I received from them!“ Maarja Mälberg