Remote work from Asia? Possible in our company!


As CVO Recruitment operates in a human relations based business sector, and consult our clients daily on the topics of labour market and employee relations, we always try to keep our eye on the long-term trends in employment field. Employees’ expectations for flexibility, remote working opportunities, and work-life balance to increase overall satisfaction and worklife happiness, are probably not a surprise to the employers any more on the modern labour market.

We at CVO Recruitment have always been eager to test new ways to organize work, and flexibility and results-based approach has been part of our culture already for a long time. We are now taking the next step towards the future of work, and with regards to that, we are happy to announce that our Recruitment Partner Geirit Jansen will be temporarily moving abroad and continuing to do her work, as passionately as she also has so far, remotely from Asia.

We have analyzed and selected all technical solutions for ensuring the same level of quality as in working locally.

We wish Geirit success in continuing her current work in a new form, and in finding the best talents for our wonderful clients.